Remote Counseling

Remote Counseling is an alternative to traditional face-to-face counseling that uses the convenience of the telephone, email and/or webcam to offer you a convenient way to seek counseling that is quick and easy. While it has benefits for everyone, it is very useful for people who live in remote areas, or for those who are traveling. It is also an alternative for people who need professional help but who are unable or not ready to meet face to face for any reason. We offer remote counseling by phone, Skype, or email:

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I welcome you to try Remote Counseling. If you are an existing client in my practice Remote Counseling can compliment your current therapy because it is a way of getting support between sessions when you may require it most. Remote Counseling is also available to new clients.

If you are interested in learning more about Remote Counseling, call or contact me via the website for further details. It’s that easy!

Please note:  Remote Counselling is only available to people residing in Ontario, Canada  For people residing outside of Ontario, Canada I provide “coaching” services.