Face to Face

Counseling is a process that leads to your recovery from infidelity. Counseling stops the car from spinning.

When you begin counseling, you are directed through a process that addresses the emotional turmoil connected to infidelity. You don’t want to feel the way you are feeling at this moment, one minute more than you have to. Counseling will help you regain control of your life by helping you address emotions such as anger, abandonment and rejection. It will help you determine the future direction you want your life to take, whether it is to work on saving your relationship, or not.

Counseling will help you understand the story line of what made your relationship vulnerable to the affair and you will determine whether or not you should try to save your relationship. Some people will want to try to save their relationship, while others will determine that the hurt is too deep, but regardless of your decision counseling is necessary to heal from the trauma caused by the affair. Regardless of your decision, counseling will show you how to resolve anger, reduce your pain, improve your self-esteem, regain trust and improve your quality of life.

Moving on from infidelity is not easy and you should not ignore your emotions, as well as how the affair has affected you, or is affecting you in the present. Getting appropriate support is critical and this is available to you through counseling.

If your world has lost its’ anchor and your life is falling apart seek counseling immediately. Counseling will stop the car from spinning.

Emotional and stressful times are the worst times to make decisions that can affect your life for years to come. Counseling helps you address the very difficult and trying times resulting from disclosure or discovery of infidelity. I can help you resolve those challenges.

You will survive infidelity, you have no choice. The question is how? I offer you a carefully formulated plan that will help you understand why you or your partner had an affair. Surviving infidelity is not the question because you will. The question is how and the choice is yours. Counseling is your key to survival of the affair.